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EVENT: How to Stay Healthy in Summer

By May 23, 2017June 11th, 20234A Kids, Event Recording, Events, Nutrition
how to stay healthy in summer with the right vitamins

Your cells don’t take vacations!  That’s why we’re going to show you how to stay healthy in summer!

Summer is no fun if you or the kids get sick!  And wouldn’t it be great to IMPROVE your family’s health habits during the break?  Summer can be a very busy time that leaves you open to illness if you’re not careful!  That’s why it’s important to continue your vitamin regimen.

Join our special guest speakers as they reveal trade secrets about vitamin quality and nutrition that you won’t hear anywhere else.  The quality of your vitamins matters–but how do you tell the difference?  We’ll talk about how to spot good vitamins (the only kind we sell).  Plus, you’ll hear about the special testing we recommend to measure the specific nutrients your body needs.

During this special discussion, find out which nutrient deficiencies contribute to ADHD and autism symptoms and how you can test your child for them.  You might be surprised to learn how impactful certain nutrients are on brain health.

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Valuable Information You’ll Learn at the How to Stay Healthy in Summer Seminar:

  • How to spot quality vitamins that save you money and boost your energy & vitality.
  • Why your body needs vitamins and supplements during the summer.
  • How you can simplify nutrition for your family with cutting-edge nutrient testing.
  • How micronutrient testing and specific supplementation can help reduce or eliminate the need to medicate kids with ADHD and autism.

Meet your presenters:

Tammie Holland from SpectraCell Laboratories has worked in the pharmaceutical / diagnostics field for over 20 years.  She is passionate about preventive and functional medicine and is a strong advocate of the tangible benefits of nutrition-based therapies for the treatment and prevention of today’s major health issues.  Tammie will explain the unique proprietary Spectracell system of nutrition analysis and the benefits of understanding the health consequences of nutritional deficiencies.


Joell Daniel from Xymogen has been in the integrative and functional medicine field for 21 years, helping physicians utilize nutritional therapies in advanced healing for their patients.  She has taught many programs on gut health, detoxification and other organ systems.  Joell’s own experiences made her passionate about this industry.  Her personal mission is to protect sick patients from disreputable products and people.

For more information on how to stay healthy in summer, read our article, Summer Nutrition Tips.

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