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Looking for Holistic Pediatrics in Orlando?

At Cannizzaro Integrative Pediatric Center, we practice functional, evidence-based medicine. Integrative pediatrics combines evidence-based conventional medicine with evidence-based complementary medicine, providing the most effective and least invasive way to treat your child. When sickness occurs, we believe in treating the root cause of your child’s illness and prescribing pharmaceutical drugs only when necessary.

Our office is conveniently located in Central Florida at 357 Wekiva Springs Road, Longwood, Florida 32779. We invite you to call our friendly staff at 321-280-5867 to schedule an appointment. Tour our pediatric clinic and meet your holistic providers! We are accepting new members and referrals.

About Us

Integrative medicine combines well-rounded, natural care with conventional medicine.

Kids Allergy Medicine

We offer no-shots kids allergy medicine that is safe and effective.


A unique and affordable membership model that provides a special provider-patient relationship.

Natural Pediatrics Grows Healthier Kids!

As a parent, you want the most current and effective healthcare for your child. We seem to live in a world where the population gets sicker and chronic disease has become an epidemic!natural pediatrician grows healthier kids

An integrative pediatric provider focuses on nutrition and lifestyle factors, creating a strong foundation for your child. These methods remove the barriers to your child’s innate health and wellbeing. The confidence kids gain from tapping their own self-healing abilities will serve them all their lives. They will have been taught to rely on themselves, not a pill.

Holistic Pediatrics for Special Needs and Chronic Illnesses

Children with special needs, on the autism spectrum, and those with chronic illnesses often benefit the most from integrative pediatrics. We can help mitigate symptoms like seizures and sleep disorders. We also address social disorders and verbal skills.

Member Benefits at Our Integrative Pediatric Clinic in Orlando

  • You will have 24-hour access to your holistic pediatric providers.
  • You can get same-day appointments when your child gets sick.
  • Your provider will spend the necessary time to evaluate your child’s condition and create an individual treatment plan.
  • Your holistic pediatric provider will exhaust all evidence-based natural remedies before prescribing pharmaceuticals.
  • You will not be judged for the decisions you make as a parent.
  • Your provider will assist you to make informed decisions based on your child’s unique needs.
  • You will have access to the most effective combination of evidence-based conventional medicine and evidence-based complementary medicine.
  • An on-site Salt Room, with discounts for patients.

See our full member benefits on our Services Page.

Cannizzaro Integrative Pediatric Center proudly offers natural pediatric medicine for kids living in Orlando, Longwood, Altamonte Springs, Winter Park, Maitland, Lake Mary, Heathrow, Windermere, Thornton Park and the greater Central Florida area. Schedule an appointment to meet your holistic pediatric providers by calling our friendly staff at 321-280-5867. We are accepting new members and referrals.

Kind Words from Our Patients

Amazing concierge business model, it's a must have especially for a first time parents. We drive almost an hour and it's well worth it.


Truly put my mind at ease. I am so happy I found a practice that owns up to a holistic approach where I don't have to feel judged as I did at a typical pediatric office. Although you pay for the concierge service, it is truly worth it!


Some of the most caring and considerate doctors groups I have ever experienced. They are so knowledgeable of everything it takes to raise a happy and healthy child. They are cutting edge and old school all at the same time. We value them more than I can say.


We love CIPC! I love that they truly take the time to listen and get to know you. As a parent you are able to make your own choices for your child and that is so important to me. The salt room is another big benefit! We have used it many times. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this practice!


We have been at CIPC for seven years and have had the best experience! The staff go above and beyond! They know our children very well and actually care about them! We attribute our children’s excellent health to the care they have received at CIPC. They have also educated us in preventive care and our kids hardly get sick! We are forever clients!


Our Holistic Pediatrics Staff

Allison Klimis, MD

Debi Wills, APRN

Gail Ezell, APRN

Amanda Pagels-Damkjer, APRN

Melanie Confusione, RN

Tillie Alenikoff-Grady, CMA

Wendy Bowdoin, LPN

Kacey Quinn, Coordinator

Dr. Joseph Cannizzaro, Founder

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