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A Children’s Clinic with Membership Benefits

When you bring your kids to a holistic children’s clinic, each visit is an investment for their future health.  Becoming a member of Cannizzaro Integrative Pediatric Center is what Dr. Cannizzaro referred to as “Tuition for a Healthy Adult.”

“Depending on the healthcare needs of your child, expect to be in your pediatrician’s office at least 15 times during the first 5 years of your child’s life.”       — Dr. Sears

What is Integrative Medicine?

Membership Model

As a parent, you do everything you can to help your child succeed in life. Integrative medicine provides an early foundation that instills long-term habits that are key to good health. If you’ve been searching for a holistic baby clinic in Orlando, you understand that you won’t find many providers that routinely provide:holistic children's doctor

  • Extensive nutrition and exercise advice
  • Vitamins and herbal supplements
  • Mind-body techniques
  • Immune and gut health optimization
  • Self-awareness and self esteem instruction
  • Guidelines for parenting and understanding the individual child


Meet Your Holistic Provider and Tour Our Integrative Children’s Clinic

Our office is located at 357 Wekiva Springs Road, Longwood, Florida 32779. Cannizzaro Integrative Pediatric Center proudly offers the best holistic providers for kids living in Orlando, Longwood, Altamonte Springs, Winter Park, Maitland, Lake Mary, Heathrow, Windermere, Thornton Park and the greater Central Florida area. Schedule an appointment to meet your holistic baby clinic by calling our friendly staff at 321-280-5867. We are accepting new patients and referrals.

What is Provided at CIPC?

  • Active participation in an intimate provider-patient partnership
  • Respect for your unique characteristics, culture and beliefs
  • Use of natural, less invasive, and less costly interventions when possible
  • Use of the best and most effective combination of evidence based conventional and complementary medicine
  • Access to bio-functional medicine, extensive nutrition and exercise health, vitamin and herbal supplement recommendations, mind-body techniques, immune and gut health optimization
  • Environmental toxin awareness and avoidance
  • Ability to order and draw in-house comprehensive labs with in-depth interpretation
  • 24/7 phone/text/email access to a trained experienced pediatric triage nurse and/or provider at any time needed
  • 24/7 online access to entire medical record
  • Very little wait time and same-day appointments
  • Calm, inviting office environment
  • Vitamins and supplements sold in the office
  • Lifestyle and wellness coaching such as sleep health, family dynamics, social wellness, self awareness and self-confidence optimization
  • Recognition of compassion and healing as a standard part of treatment
  • Treatment plans involving an individual’s mind, body and spirit
  • Team work of interdisciplinary providers to improve the delivery of care

Do You Take Insurance?

We do bill insurance for your visit.  In general, we accept the following major insurance companies:  Aetna, Avmed, BrightHealthCommercial, Christian Healthcare Ministries, Cigna Care Plans, Florida Blue, Humana, Liberty HealthShare, Medishare and United Health Care Plans.  HOWEVER, all insurance companies have multiple networks and plans.  We recommend checking with your plan to verify participation.  Simply call your insurance provider (or one that you are considering) and give the representative our facility tax ID (47-1442061) to verify our participation in your plan.

Age 0-24 months

  • Prenatal and preconception support and optimization of fetal brain growth and environment
  • Post conception 24/7 access
  • Newborn visit directly after hospital
  • Weight checks as needed
  • All visits billed to insurance:  2m, 4m, 6m, 9m, 12m, 18m and 2yr
  • Food as medicine and environmental health
  • Optimal parenting through each developmental stage
  • Understanding child behavior and personality
  • Feeding and best nutritional choices for brain growth
  • Counseling on optimal sleep and balance
  • Maternal well being through hormonal changes
  • Vaccine counseling

Age 2-7

  • Food as medicine; extremely important choices or non-choices
  • How to deal with picky eating
  • Sleep struggles
  • Social and emotional development and support
  • Language and cognitive development and enhancement
  • Parenting balance: discipline and love
  • School readiness and school challenges
  • Building focus and supporting individual strengths
  • Social awareness and social skill building
  • Nature and its role for ultimate balance
  • Electronics and computers: roles and harms
  • Sexual development

Age 8-21

  • Instilling long-term family nutrition without battles
  • Understanding the stages of pre-teens and teens
  • Childhood defiance and other challenging stages
  • Building open communication with your child
  • Sexual development and education about pubertal stages and expectations
  • Optimal growth and enhancement of exercise potential for sports
  • Brain support for higher level learning skills and cognitive enhancement
  • Education about avoiding ADHD an other mental challenges
  • Helping teens develop self confidence, natural skills

Complex Care

  • Obtaining root cause of illness or disease for optimal healing potential
  • Understanding and tackling illness on a cellular function level.
  • Integrative Medicine consultative services with comprehensive treatment plans
  • Access to bio-functional medicine, extensive nutrition and exercise health, vitamin and herbal supplement recommendations, mind-body techniques, immune and gut health optimization
  • Medical home with referrals to preferred specialist and communication with trusted practitioners and therapists of western and eastern medicine of all types and services
  • Ability to order comprehensive and periodic labs and in-depth interpretation
  • In-house, pediatric-friendly lab draws


Please call our office for more information on our tiered pricing plans.  Sibling discounts are available.

How to Enroll

By Phone


By Email

Please use our Contact Us form to enroll.

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