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Sibling Success with Regenerative Medicine

This is a regenerative medicine case study as reported by the parents of siblings that were treated: a 12-year-old girl (we’ll call her Jane) and a 14-year-old boy (we’ll call him John).  Jane is a limited verbal preteen with irritability, limited sleep and developmental delays for a female.  John is a non-speaking preteen with aggression, irritability, limited sleep and developmental delays for a male.  The siblings undertook this journey together.  Here is their story so far!  Anything in [brackets] are our comments.  All names have been changed.

Jane’s Progress with Regenerative Medicine

After 1st shot on 1/11/24

Doing well. Has had a few spontaneous (and non-scripted) sentences.  She understands instructions better.  She laid her clothes out on her own for the following day. Improved mood, back to baseline quicker after meltdowns/disappointments (e.g., 10 minutes rather than 45).

Saturday after second shot on 2/15/24

She slept two nights in a row. Sunday, she slept in until 7:20 am! Unheard of. I started her on saffron on Friday. Maybe it does help the stem cells? Her little sister had a little toot when they were playing in the same room. After Jane heard the sound, she cleared her throat and said, “Go to the bathroom?” She had never acknowledged “that” noise. When I was doing Jane’s hair my tummy growled and she said, “Mommy, you hungry?” Wow. She has never acknowledged those sounds before.  She got in trouble and had to go to time out and she seemed to understand me better and calmed down faster.  It was a little easier to reason with her.

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We started a new policy with Jane to help curb her screaming and hitting. Friday the therapists would take her iPad away every time she screamed. It only took one time for her to learn (it would take multiple trials in the past). Since Friday she hasn’t screamed once. She went into center today and was an absolute angel. Staying in control.


She had a meltdown, but she held it together until we got to the time out room (my husband’s home office). She tried to stay calm but finally lost it and started screaming and crying. We give her space to get it out of her system and regulate herself safely. It took 10 minutes, and it was like something in her head switched. And she was calm. It usually takes longer with a long time to calm down after she gets her screams out. She understood the requirements to go back to playing. And the issue didn’t come up again. It usually comes up over and over. She accepted she could not have what she wanted.


In therapy they are giving her opportunities to work on not screaming. She got upset once but immediately calmed down and she did not scream again even when peers were being really loud around her. Seems like a lot of her changes are her attitude. She is calmer and sillier. Not taking everything so seriously. She is still having some trouble sleeping. Since we added the lion’s mane. She is waking up again, but she goes to sleep faster. I changed the lion’s mane to a morning dose and that seemed to help. After a week I tried giving it to her at night again and she woke up again. So, we will keep the lion’s mane just in the morning. When she started coffee fruit extract, she had a much easier time having a BM. Always been an issue in the past.


Spelling therapist asked how she is feeling after the first two shots and all the new vitamins.  She said, “Stem cells give me peace of mind on a daily basis. I think others can benefit from this treatment. My stress levels are much lower.”


Before we left to pick up her sister she said, “Mommy, don’t forget my Oreos!” I promised her an Oreo the day before, but I forgot. So today she remembered and asked without yelling or scripting. She asked for ice in her water! She has never liked ice water!

After 3rd shot on 3/14/24

After her 3rd shot she was super happy and doing all her usual stuff. Around 6pm she was remarking about how she is tired. Otherwise, she was fine. Just extra tired this evening.


While her sister was trying on shoes Jane said, “Do they fit?” No scripting! Just conversation. Her aunt played “scare Jane,” saying “roar” as Jane walked by and Jane said, “I’m not scared!” Wow!


She woke up and couldn’t find one of her favorite stuffed animals. She said, “Do you know where Spike is?” I knew it was in her bed she just doesn’t look hard enough. My mom said, “Who is Spike?” And I said, “Her little dinosaur.” And Jane said, “Spike is a dragon not a dinosaur!” Wow! She would have ignored us before. But she listened and didn’t use a script to answer.


She had spontaneous conversation with her therapist without scripting. “Miss Smith, you say it!” She was enjoying a scene in a movie and wanted the therapist to act it out. Then Jane wanted another therapist to join in. “Hey Mary and Darcy, you say it together!” Amazing!

Jane has gone 15 days in a row of no screaming, no hitting, and no throwing things when she gets frustrated or annoyed.


She forgot to put on her [favorite shoes] for church. She NEVER forgets! She wears them all day until bedtime EVERY Sunday. We were at church for almost the whole hour and then she realized she forgot. So, we told her she could put them on when she got home. She was calm and cool about it too.


I met with her therapist today to talk about how amazing she is doing. Just huge steps ahead. We are going to reduce her therapy hours from 2 days a week to one! We are going to work on a few more things and are looking to reduce in June.  Everyday her language is increasing, and her negative behaviors are decreasing! She is sleeping through the night 5 nights out of 7. When she does wake up, she is quiet and goes back to sleep much faster! Before she slept through the night 1 time a week and the rest of the nights, she was up for two hours before she went back to sleep.

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John’s Progress with Regenerative Medicine

After 1st shot on 1/11/24

So many more smiles, giggles; more relaxed.  Rituals have lessened (e.g., his necklace and cup).  Not rigid with these and with his returning-to-home routine; less grumpy face and even slight smile; sleep position is not as tense. Used the kitchen communication board spontaneously to ask his mother to make the “list” for tomorrow.  Seems to understand us better. Mood/agitation is greatly improved, so much less triggered and explosive in response to his sister and to the dog barking.  Spelling to communicate/communication board: “How do you feel about your shots?” He responded, “I’m so happy; I feel much better.”

After 2nd shot on 2/15/24

He was sneaking around Dad’s office door. I think he wanted a piece of candy we hid in the office. John has never looked for candy after Halloween. He picked a lollipop and walked off with it in his mouth. He has NEVER eaten a lollipop. He took one bite and threw it away but still!


Started lion’s mane. Tonight, he was hanging out in the garage (we have a swing set up out there). All of a sudden, he comes through the door quickly and immediately rummaged through the junk drawer. Then he went to our plate cabinet and reached to the top shelf without hesitation. He pulled out our old Disney magic bands and looked at them for a few minutes. We used to go to Disney all the time. After covid shut it down we just never went back, and he was fine with that. So, we kept the bracelets because we never throw anything away. He never searches through the drawers. He was so curious. After he put the bracelets back in the cabinet, he went into our school room and rummaged through the drawers in there. Every! Drawer! He has never done this! I have no idea what he was looking for but I’m so fascinated that he was searching for something. He is more interested in helping us cook. Every time he sees the Dutch oven he looks inside. We think he wants to make mashed potatoes. So yesterday his grandma made some with him. He was very happy and engaged. He has also been very interested in helping me make egg salad (I make it every 10 days for Jane). It’s like he’s waiting for it. He sees the signs when I’m preparing to make it and he watches me like a hawk, so he doesn’t miss out.


He forgot his necklace again when dropped off at therapy. I found it and brought it inside. He didn’t turn on the bathroom light when he went to brush teeth at bedtime. [Usually] He turns every light on.


Ate squash patties. Might be because they looked like hashbrowns, but they were made with squash. He LOVED them! He doesn’t like trying new foods so this was super cool!


He forgot his cup in the house. He noticed after we were in the car. So unusual for him. He never forgets his stuff.


John doesn’t like to eat dinner when Jane is at the table, so he waits until she is finished then he eats. He won’t take his food anywhere else but the kitchen table. We give him the option to eat in a different room, but he always says no. Today he grabbed his plate and marched out to the garage and ate out there. (Our garage has a fan and super fun swing he likes to hang out in). I just thought it was amazing that he finally took his food to another room! He’s bouncing back immediately after he gets upset from Jane noises. It used to take him 45 minutes to calm down in his room. Sleeping really well. In bed at 6:30 pm every night and up at 4:30 am. He wants to go to bed early. So, we let him.


Doesn’t seem to have an appetite. Doesn’t want to finish preferred foods. I started coffee fruit extract this morning and I’m not hungry. So maybe a reaction to the increased dose. We will stick it out for a week and see how he does. I’ve never had coffee before, so I didn’t know about the diuretic effects. Spelling therapist asked him how he was feeling with the stem cells and the new vitamins he is taking: “Everything is feeling how I have always wanted. The treatments are helping me tremendously.”


So many giggles. He is plugging his ears less around Jane. He used to plug his ears with any noise she made, even just a sigh. Now he is only plugging them when she is loud. Which is understandable.

After 3rd shot on 3/14/24

He was very happy and giggly after his 3rd shot. But right before bedtime he seemed to be frustrated easily. He started crying at one point and calmly went to his room to regulate. He finished getting ready for bed, but he was grumpy looking. He went to bed a little late the night before so he could just be tired. Overall noticing him recover from being upset much faster. He is getting upset fewer times too. But when he does, he bounces back very quickly. Where before he would take almost an hour to get over whatever upset him.


Therapist wanted to play catch with balloons, but he was not feeling it. She insisted to try for a little bit. He did it with a grumpy face. She switched to a ball, and he still made faces. Then he forgot himself and started giggling. When he noticed the therapist’s happy reaction, he put his grumpy face back on.


I write the kids’ daily schedule out every night for the next day. John is very consistent about getting the paper from me and putting them in each spot for each of my kids. He will not go to bed without putting them in their spots. He forgot last night. This morning he remembered and got them out of my drawer and put them in their spots. Jane forgot too. She isn’t as diligent, but she always wants to know what’s on the schedule. He forgot 2 more times after that. This is unheard of! He never forgets that stuff!


He forgot his headphones when he went to spelling therapy and he did amazing. Only plugged his ears once.


He stayed home from therapy and did amazing with the change in his schedule, and I added doing homeschool work when he wasn’t planning on it. He did the work happily.


He got upset when he was told not to swing into the wall and bang it with his feet. So, he went to his room, and he recovered super quick. Usually, he would have been upset for at least an hour. But he bounced back in a few minutes. Wow!


Met with his therapist today and we are planning on reducing his hours since he is doing so well! Overall, in therapy he is remembering things and able to accomplish goals faster that he struggled with for years. 

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