The Best Holistic Pediatric Clinics Use Integrative Medicine

The best holistic pediatric clinics use integrative medicine because they believe it represents the true art of healing. It’s what the providers envisioned when they heeded their calling to medicine. This kind of practice is authentic to their personal passion to empower your family members to live healthier lives, naturally.

The best holistic pediatricians in Orlando use functional medicine

Integrative Medicine is High-Tech and High-Touch

Integrative pediatrics is not a fad. It is the future of medicine, an effective approach, and our best hope for healthy children. Chronic illness is an epidemic among our children. We must shift away from treating symptoms and suppressing disease. Our holistic pediatric providers support your child’s innate healing systems, correct the root cause of a problem, and strive to prevent disease in the first place.

“If a provider wants to know what’s wrong with patients, he or she must listen to them.” — Dr. Cannizzaro

Integrative Pediatrics is Our Focus and Our Passion

The best way for us to help you decide whether our holistic pediatric clinic is a good match with your family is to tell you what we value.

  • We believe in forging a strong parent-provider bond so that together, we become a healing team for your child.
  • We believe that your child’s health and healing is unique.
  • We believe in working with your family’s culture and beliefs to facilitate healing.
  • We believe that combining evidence-based conventional medicine with evidence-based complementary medicine provides the most effective and least stressful way to treat your child.
  • We believe that compassion always helps.
  • We believe in nurturing the body’s self-healing abilities.
  • We believe that integrative pediatrics is high-tech and high-touch.
  • We believe in living our lives with the same health advice we provide.
  • We believe in prevention to avoid expensive technologies in late stages of disease.
  • We believe in using the most natural, least costly and least invasive treatments possible.
  • We believe in empowering parents and kids with knowledge of the basic art of healing for their own personal, lifelong use.

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