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EVENT: The Gut-Brain Connection & Your ADHD Child

By April 26, 2018July 5th, 2019ADD/ADHD, Brain Health, Event Recording, Events, Gut Health
The gut-brain connection explains symptoms of ADHD, depression, anxiety and more.

What is the gut-brain connection and how is that related to ADHD? Good question, and we’re glad you asked! As Dr. Cannizzaro points out in his book, Answers for the 4A Epidemic, that autism, ADHD, asthma and allergies can be traced to common causes. He says, “In short these patients suffer from complex metabolic disorders resulting from dysfunction of their digestive, immune and nervous systems.”

Join Dr. Cannizzaro and Dwight Franklin, DOM as they share the science that links optimal digestion with a healthy brain and proper neurotransmitter production. They will also explain the causes of “leaky gut” and natural solutions for digestive disorders that weaken brain function. They will show how you can use a combination of the proper testing, specific probiotics and optimized nutrition to help heal your ADHD child naturally. Read our article, What’s in YOUR Microbiome? Your Health Depends on It!, for more information!

⊕ This event about the Gut-Brain Connection is over, but you can listen to the recording. ⊕ LISTEN NOW

Your Questions About the Gut-Brain Connection and ADHD Will Be Answered, Including:

  • The science of the gut-brain connection and its link to ADHD symptoms.
  • Why it’s crucial to match the right strains of probiotics to your child’s symptoms.
  • The 7 Types of ADHD and their impact on choosing the correct treatment.

Meet Your Presenters on the Gut-Brain Connection:

Joseph Cannizzaro, MD has been a beloved pediatrician for over 40 years and provides the only functional-integrative pediatric practice in the Orlando area. CIPC offers evidence-based, effective natural treatment plans for healing—and monthly education for its members and the public to empower parents with information they can use for the holistic care of their families.

natural ADD/ADHD program with Dwight Franklin, DOM

Dwight Franklin, DOM is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and owner of Franklin Family Wellness Institute. He is a graduate of the Florida College of Integrative Medicine, where he received a Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine and a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Studies. Over the course of his career, Dwight has worked alongside both pediatricians and psychiatrists in the treatment of ADHD, Autism, and various other common childhood and mental disorders through the practice of Oriental Medicine, Nutritional and Lifestyle changes, and Craniosacral Therapy.

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