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Known for his genuine compassion, Dr. Cannizzaro dedicated himself to providing children and their families with healthier, happier and longer lives.  This was his mission and why he assembled the team of integrative pediatric providers at Cannizzaro Integrative Pediatric Center.

As a classically-trained primary care physician who practiced functional medicine, Dr. Cannizzaro believed that integrative medicine can bring conventional and complementary healing modalities together, creating a highly personalized and high-touch healing environment.

Dr. Cannizzaro merged the technical side of medicine (evidence and science) with the human side of health care (mind and spirit).  He believed that doctors and patient-families should form strong healing teams that focus on illness prevention and resolution.  He also believed that the greatest gift you can give children and families is to teach them self-healing in order to achieve optimal physical and mental health and well being.

“I envision empowering individuals and communities to reconnect with nature and its role in healing; to recover the wisdom of our ancestors; to practice the art of living and care for and serve one another in the course of life’s journey.”

Dr. Cannizzaro’s own battle with cancer fueled his passion for empowering his patients with the knowledge of and access to their innate self-healing abilities.  This inner strength can then be used to solve all problems—not only those related to health.

“I learned how to help people recognize strength that they may not recognize in themselves.”

His perseverance in the field of functional medicine extended to his fellow physicians, each of whom are proficient in the practice of functional medicine.  He conceived, planned, organized and directed two functional medicine conferences to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and clinical skills in the field.

Dr. Cannizzaro, our founder, discussing why he chose an integrative, concierge care model for CIPC.

Heavily influenced by a family history of medical professionals, Joseph Cannizzaro earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology at Fairfield University, a Jesuit university in Connecticut.  He served in the US Army Medical Service Corps.  Captain Cannizzaro completed a medical technology fellowship at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, D.C. and upon completion was assigned as the medical laboratory officer of the US Army Hospital/United States Military Academy at West Point.  His assignment was highlighted by an appointment to the faculty as a cadet instructor.  The influence of a brilliant pathologist and mentor at West Point inspired him to seek his MD, which he received from the University of Bologna Medical School in Bologna, Italy.  Dr. Cannizzaro completed his internship at New Rochelle Hospital, a division of Cornell University in New York and his three-year pediatric residency in the University of Connecticut Hospital System, a Yale University affiliate.

The CIPC team is honored to carry out Dr. Cannizzaro’s legacy of over 40 years in Central Florida, providing the Orlando area with its only functional-integrative pediatric practice.

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