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Best of Dr. C’s Nutrition Tips

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When we started CIPC’s monthly newsletter back in February of 2016, we asked Dr. C to write down all the nutrition tips he could think up.  That list subsequently got turned into 6 articles when we were stumped for topics!  Dr. C was known for educating parents; it was one of the things many of you remembered about your time with him.  He believed in empowering families with health information.  And we’re going to continue that legacy.  Thanks for reading!

md tips for eating healthfullyDr. Cannizzaro’s Nutrition Tips

Three of Dr. C’s “golden nuggets” of wisdom.

Dr. C’s Surprising Food Rules

Dr. Cannizzaro made healthy eating “rules” easy to remember with some of his most whimsical sayings. Plus, find out how you can eat WHATEVER you want!

Dr. C’s Nutrition Nuggets

In this article, Dr. C gave us tips on HOW to eat, because that can affect your weight just as much as WHAT you eat!

Dr. C’s Holiday Food Tips

You’ll find these tips handy for any time of the year, not just the holidays!  And they come with Dr. C’s characteristic wit.


Dr. C’s Healthy Food Habits

Originally posted in January 2020, this article gives solid advice to help you keep your New Year’s resolution to eat more healthfully–all year long!

Dr. C’s Food Rules for Eating Healthfully

These rules will help you pick up the most healthy foods from your grocery store or farmer’s market.


book about pediatric integrative medicine


Dr. C’s helpful (and hopeful) book, Answers for the 4A Epidemic: Healing for Kids with Autism, ADHD, Asthma and Allergies, can be purchased on Amazon or in the office.








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