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Keeping the Balance

By January 18, 2023Integrative Medicine, Lifestyle
balance is essential for good health

Many Americans start the day by taking several medications, a natural accompaniment to their eggs and toast.

You take medications because you are taught to, and that’s what most people are accustomed to.  Because somehow the drugs are supposed to wipe the slate clean and zero-out your not-so-healthy lifestyle choices.  Inherently, you know that the drugs are not the best thing for you, but you figure that you can settle for “good enough” if the medications can help you just get by.

There is a reason that every medication that you are prescribed comes with a list of side effects and warnings.  Continually putting foreign/toxic substances into your body over the long run often creates more illness than health.  In effect, you are creating an imbalance.

When Balance is Interrupted

The body is designed to heal from the inside out!  Drugging an imbalanced body does nothing to bring it back into balance.  In fact, while on the surface it may appear that the drugs are serving a positive purpose, underneath, the body is thrown farther into a state of stress and dis-ease.

The natural, recuperative power of the body is now pitted against the drug’s toxic effects.  Even when drugs are designed as closely as possible to work in harmony with the human body, it simply is not feasible to introduce chemicals into the body without also inducing stress.

You are either working to support the body’s innate healing energies or you are working against it.  You can’t have it both ways and expect to see positive change over a lifetime.

Achieving Balance with an Integrative Approach

When you’re faced with a health imbalance, consider helping your body with a natural, integrative approach.  Always consult your professional healthcare provider before starting any new therapy.

By all accounts, use of medications for anxiety and depression are on the rise.  No matter what you’re facing, stress reduction can always complement any health regime.  We suggest reading our article:  Exercise Your Vagus Nerve to Beat Stress.    The vagus nerve constantly works to balance out your over-stressed nervous system.  Learning some simple tricks can help you be more resilient under stress and increase your overall feelings of wellbeing.

There’s probably no greater example of balance than the relationship of gut/brain/heart health!  In this article, Brain Health for the Young and Old, explore why the three are intertwined…and easy ways to keep everything in balance!

Inflammation is a major source of imbalance in the body, and contributes to cancer, diabetes and heart disease!  The Link Between Inflammation and Immune Health is chock-full of easy lifestyle hacks that help you avoid inflammation, from all the major sources (and there are a lot!)

The key to producing a lifetime of health and wellness is to develop a unified front; to unleash the full power of the body’s systems and then to nurture it through exercise, good nutrition, adequate rest and a positive mental outlook.

Integrative medicine works in unison with the body and serves to optimize your innate healing potential.  It is the natural choice to replenish and maintain optimal health and balance!


Image credit: 123rf/milanmarkovic

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