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EVENT: Social Skills Deficits – Tools Parents Can Use

By September 18, 2018June 11th, 2023ADD/ADHD, Event Recording, Events, Learning, Social & Behavioral
Parents can learn tools to help social skills deficits.

Join Carol Miller, LCSW for a social skills deficit workshop designed to equip parents with specific coaching techniques to try at home.

Ms. Miller will provide you with an increased understanding of the complex issue of social skills deficits and your role as an important teacher and coach to your kids.  You will leave with specific tools to use and a suggested reading list.

⊕ This event about Social Skills Deficits is over, but you can listen to the recording. You may be prompted to download a Webex add-on or temporary app. ⊕ LISTEN NOW

Improving Social Skills Deficits for All Ages

This workshop has been designed to be appropriate for parents of children of all ages, whether neurotypical or diagnosed with autism, learning disabilities or ADD / ADHD.

Many parents make the mistake of “rescuing” their children from social skills mistakes.  This is especially if they have been diagnosed with autism, ADHD or learning disabilities.  While it may seem helpful to spare a child from embarrassment and frustration, this reaction does not help a child thrive and grow into an independent adult.

What You Will Discover About Improving Social Skills Deficits:

  • Why social skills are an issue concerning ALL kids today.
  • How social coaching can impact your child’s success.
  • Why “rescuing” your child from social missteps is a mistake—and what to do instead.
  • Techniques and tools that parents can immediately use at home.
  • Discover calming tools to help your child in the moment.

Read our article: Improving Social Skills for Kids for more information!

Meet Your Presenter:

Carol Miller teaches parents how to help social skills deficitsCarol Miller is a licensed clinical social worker who holds a master’s degree in Social Work and a bachelor’s degree in Education/Drama Therapy.  Ms. Miller has worked with children for over 25 years in a variety of therapeutic settings.  She has practiced drama therapy in psychiatric hospitals, conducted therapy groups in schools, and served as a therapist and administrator at a community mental health center.  She has been the director of a parenting center in Central Florida.  Ms. Miller provides individual and family social coaching and counseling and acts as director for Social Bridges® in Maitland where she develops the curriculum, administers the program and facilitates groups.  Social Bridges® works with schools to remediate social cognition deficits through small group instruction.  It provides preventive skills training for social success to students, faculty and parents.

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