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EVENT: Discovering Your Child’s Learning Style

learning style

A learning style is how we process information and store it in our brain.  If you’ve ever had difficulty helping your kids with homework, it may be because your learning style is at odds with theirs.  Arm yourself with knowledge about your child’s preferences (and your own) and end the homework wars!

Correctly diagnosing learning disabilities also begins with examining how a child learns.  Read our blog article to learn more about the relationship between learning styles and learning disabilities.  If your child is starting school this year, this workshop will give you insights into potential problems and give your child a head start in his academic journey!

⊕ This event about Learning Styles is over, but you can listen to the recording. You may be prompted to download a Webex add-on or temporary app. ⊕ LISTEN NOW

Lynn Arnold with Learning Strategies, LLC will present a helpful, interactive workshop where you will learn:

  1. About the different learning styles
  2. What your learning style is, and compare it with your child’s learning style
  3. Strategies to help you succeed in advocating for your child

How Learning Style Affects the Parent-Teacher-Child Relationship

School has changed since we were in school, even if you’re in your 20’s as you read this!  Most teachers want to help the kids in their classroom, but lack the resources to adequately address each child’s learning needs.  It’s up to you as a parent to understand your child’s learning style and communicate to her teacher.

Educating your child is a partnership with the teacher and school.  Lynn will provide you with strategies to help you be successful in advocating for your child.

It all starts with you empowering yourself with information.  Transform conflict into harmony when you understand the unique ways we all process information and learn.


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