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EVENT: Understanding Your Child’s Learning Assessment Scores

By February 3, 2019June 11th, 2023ADD/ADHD, Event Recording, Events, Learning
understand learning assessment scores

Does your child have average learning assessment scores, but still struggles?  Are you confused about what the numbers mean or suspect there’s more to know?

Join Lynn Arnold from Learning Strategies, LLC as she presents the meaning of these scores, what they say about how your child learns, and how to use this knowledge to help your child.

⊕ This event about Learning Assessment Scores is over, but you can listen to the recording. You may be prompted to download a Webex add-on or temporary app. ⊕ LISTEN NOW

Your Questions About Learning Assessment Scores will be Answered, Including:

  • What learning assessment scores tell you about how your child processes information.
  • How attention, memory and processing skills affect learning in reading and math.
  • How you can help your child be more successful academically.
  • Why your school may be unable to address your child’s struggles.

Meet Your Presenter:

Understand your child's learning assessment scores

Lynn Arnold is the owner of Learning Strategies, LLC, a business she began to help people succeed academically despite learning struggles, attention and memory difficulties, and conditions such as Asperger’s and high-functioning autism.  Her own children went through school with learning struggles while also being tested as gifted.  The journey to help her children overcome their difficulties and go on to graduate college and pursue successful careers ignited her passion to help others.  Lynn has worked with children and parents for over 20 years to identify specific learning challenges, develop individual programs, navigate the school system, and provide guidance regarding available resources.

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