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EVENT: Fuel Your Family for Focus

By April 2, 2019July 5th, 2019Event Recording, Events, Family Dynamics, Healthy Eating
Your lifestyle and diet habits can fuel focus for your family

You can make a big difference in your whole family’s focus, behavior and mood when you’re armed with a little knowledge and some simple steps!

Living with healthy habits doesn’t have to be hard—but you do need to get the whole family on board!

Join Sheri Johnson, Certified Transformational Health and Life Coach, as she presents surprising health facts and handy life hacks for successfully making lasting lifestyle changes.

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In this helpful workshop, Sheri addresses many areas where families typically have difficulties sticking with healthy habits.  She also offers you plenty of solutions for these problem areas.  Learn how to drop sugar and carbs from your diet, easy breakfast ideas, 61 names for sugar and much more!

Your Questions About Food and Focus will be Answered, Including:

  • Why sugar and processed foods are so addictive and dangerous for your body.
  • How to overcome the three biggest challenges to kicking the sugar habit.
  • Life hacks, tips and recipes to change your family’s eating habits for long-term health (without being perfect or driving you all crazy).

Attendees will be entered into a raffle and will get Sheri’s free guide: 7 Solutions to Sugar Cravings.

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Meet Your Presenter:

Fuel your family for focus

Sheri Johnson is the owner of Empowered Health Coaching, LLC, a business she began to empower busy parents to create healthy habits without adding stress, so they can raise healthy, happy and confident families. Sheri navigated her own family’s journey through health-related matters, including a child with ADHD, sensory processing issues and learning struggles.  She discovered her entire family benefitted from healthy lifestyle changes, especially from the power of food, thus igniting her mission to help other families do the same.  Sheri is passionate about kids getting the fuel they need to excel and succeed and believes this starts with parents leading the way.


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