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EVENT: Essential Oils: Safe & Savvy Secrets

By April 30, 2019July 5th, 2019Essential Oils, Event Recording, Events
Learn how to use essential oils safely and effectively

Are your personal care and home care products harming your family?

Non-toxic, environmentally friendly and multi-purpose essential oils are smart and healthy alternatives to store-bought products.  They are also fun and easy to use!

Join Tillie Alenikoff, Registered Aromatherapist, as she shows you how to safely and effectively use nature’s sweet-smelling solutions for many of your personal care and household needs.

⊕ This event about Essential Oils is over, but you can listen to the recording. ⊕ LISTEN NOW

Your Questions About Using Essential Oils will be Answered, Including:

  • How to easily add healing essential oils to your personal care routine.
  • How to create a natural first-aid kit with essential oils you should always have on hand.
  • How to cook, clean and naturally infuse everyday tasks with essential oils.

Attendees will be entered into a raffle and will get quick-reference guides.

Before you attend, check out our most recent article, Essential Oils Beginner’s Guide

Meet Your Presenter:

Essential oils maven

Tillie Alenikoff, RA, CMA, is the front office manager for Cannizzaro Integrative Pediatric Center, a Registered Aromatherapist and our maven of essential oils!  Tillie has devoted her life and work to helping family, friends and patients understand the benefits and healing properties of alternative treatments and complimentary medicine.  She’s excited to share her years of knowledge about safe and effective ways to use essential oils in everyday life.


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