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EVENT: ADHD, Anxiety and Natural Treatment

ADHD Anxiety and Natural Treatment

ADHD, anxiety, and other neurologic disorders are on the rise in our kids today.  The causes are multi-factorial, but there are also many effective, natural treatment options available to your child from Functional-Integrative and Oriental medicine.

Join Dr. Cannizzaro and Dwight Franklin, AP to learn about the underlying causes of ADHD, anxiety and other neurologic disorders today — and how Functional-Integrative and Oriental modalities test, diagnose and treat for better outcomes.

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Some things you will discover about ADHD and anxiety in children:

1) The surprising changes that have caused the rise of neurologic disorders in kids.

2) How the “5 Elements Personality Assessment” can assist with an ADD/ADHD child.

3) Which foods, herbs and supplements have been researched and found effective.

4) Why the best treatments can be found through Integrative and Oriental medicines.

5) Simple steps you can take to ensure healing and lasting results for your child.

More about the topics we’ll cover in this workshop about ADHD and anxiety in children:

The 5 Elements Personality Assessment: This ancient system helps you understand your child’s unique personality through Oriental Medicine concepts. When you understand both the strengths and weaknesses of your child, as well as your strengths and weaknesses as a parent, you are able to create a better learning environment for your ADD / ADHD child.

Food Therapy:  What foods are best to give your child with ADD / ADHD? We will take a look at both Oriental Medicine’s and Functional Medicine’s viewpoint on appropriate foods for your child.

Herbal Medicine and Supplementation: We will discuss the effectiveness of herbal medicine along with peer-reviewed medical research and correlating studies that support the use of herbal medicine.

Holistic Diagnosis for ADHD and Anxiety:  Both Functional-Integrative and Oriental Medicine present advantages for diagnosing and treating ADHD and anxiety.  Integrative pediatricians run lab tests that reveal more than typical blood work.  We can find imbalances in hormones, evidence of toxin and/or heavy metal exposure or nutritional deficiencies (just to name a few).  Oriental Medicine brings ancient Eastern wisdom to our Western ailments, using safe and proven techniques that have been in use for over 2000 years.  In fact, ancient Chinese texts describe child physiology as early as 400 BC!

Natural Treatment Options for ADHD and Anxiety:  There are natural treatments available to treat ADHD and anxiety.  After accurately diagnosing your child’s condition along with contributing factors, we formulate an individualized treatment protocol.  This can include advice on nutrition and sleep, focus enhancement, supplementation, detoxification and even other specialists and medicines when needed.


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