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summer health articles

Summer is a great time to catch up on your reading!!  Get yourself a nice cool glass of iced tea and peruse these popular articles.  We hope you find them helpful!

Summertime brings with it opportunities to learn about specific health topics!

Summer Nutrition Tips

Organic Produce: When Is It Worth It?

The Sunscreen Debate: What You Need to Know

Parenting and family dynamics articles are some of our most popular.  As you spend more time with your kids, it may be a great time to discover a new parenting tip or two.

integrative pediatrics near DeLand FL

How to Support Your Child’s Mental Health This Summer

Family Time: Unplugged!

Parenting Tips from the Five Elements

Teenagers can look after themselves and younger siblings while they’re home from school…share these articles with your teens!

How to Encourage a Healthy Body Image for Teen Girls

Teenage Nutrition Guide

Eczema sufferers know that the heat brings on red, itchy flare-ups.  Salt therapy fortifies the skin’s protective barrier, reduces inflammation and promotes healthy tissue regeneration.  We have a Salt Room on our premises.  Read more about healing eczema and the role of salt therapy below.

Healing Eczema: Beyond Skin Deep

Can The Salt Room Help?


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