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Balance for the Holidays

holiday balance tips

Food for Thought…

When you think about it, there are two main “imbalances” during the holidays.  The imbalance of stretching yourself too thin (both time and budget-wise) and overindulgence when it comes to food, especially sugary ones.

Tips for Overcoming Time Imbalances

Too often, the giving of gifts is out of balance, spending more than is in the budget, feeling a need to give, but more from obligation than from the heart.  The Bible says to love your neighbor as yourself.  So, giving yourself love is as important as loving others.  Loving one’s self implies having enough money to meet your own needs as well as buying nice gifts.  Remember the “reason for the season” and make no-gift pacts with friends and family members that would rather spend time with you than at the mall shopping for you.  Get together for a girls’ night or favorite sports activity instead.  What’s a better gift than the luxury of more time to de-stress and enjoy each other’s company?

Tips for Overcoming Diet Imbalances

If you regularly crave sweets, you’re well aware that they are addictive and hard to stop eating once you start.  So, this holiday season, you may continue an existing habit.  If you’ve kicked your sugar addiction and generally eat a healthy diet, you may fall off the wagon temporarily.  Be kind to yourself and keep the following in mind, no matter where you fall in the spectrum:

  • To prevent food overindulgence, eat regular and healthy meals with plenty of protein, so you won’t end up mainlining on treats. This keeps your blood sugar steady and is a good way to prevent the cravings that rise from going too long without eating.
  • Don’t go to parties on an empty stomach. There will be many temptations and it will be hard to maintain control over both drinking and eating!  Have a healthy snack and set your mind with a firm intention to practice moderation.
  • Make room in your schedule for extra exercise to combat stress and the inevitable extra calories. A word to the wise:  Any good fitness expert will confirm that you don’t burn as many calories when you exercise as you think.  We tend to “fool” ourselves and eat extra helpings because “I worked out today.”

More Tips for Holiday Balance

You can’t always sleep enough or eat perfectly during the holidays. Here are some favorite supplements that are especially useful this time of year:

  • Take extra magnesium and B-complex during the holidays. Your body uses up these nutrients while metabolizing and detoxifying sugar and alcohol.  Increase your intake before, during and after the overindulgences of the holiday season.  They’ll help with quicker recovery.
  • Digestive enzymes help you to thoroughly digest those big, complex meals! Take 2 to 4 capsules right before you eat.
  • If you’re feeling “buggy”, research has shown that the homeopathic remedy, Influenzinum 9c, works well against the flu.
  • Supplement with Elderberry during the winter months to help keep your immune system strong. Rose hips are a natural source of Vitamin C.  These herbs are good for everybody, and also very easy to get kids to take.
  • Maintain your vegetable intake (and your nutrition) with JuicePlus+ capsules or toss some powder in the blender with other smoothie ingredients.

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