Dr. Cannizzaro Provides a Neurofeedback Program to Patients

We offer the Cannizzaro Neurofeedback Program in accordance with our pledge to treat children with the most natural and least invasive methods available.  Neurofeedback (also called brain biofeedback) provides long-term benefits without risk of damage or dependence on the treatment.

As a safe and drug-free approach, neurofeedback has proven to be an effective treatment for ADD/ADHD, anxiety, learning disabilities, memory struggles, behavioral issues and emotional issues. Neurofeedback therapy has become a critical part of our evidence-based integrative program.

Read more below to understand how neurofeedback works and Contact Us if you are interested in an initial consultation.

neurofeedback program

Does Neurofeedback Really Work?

The short answer is YES.  Neurofeedback therapy has been in use for over 40 years, but is surprisingly unknown, despite very positive neurofeedback reviews by patients.  Data from clinical findings show a success rate of 80% to 90% for clearing ADD/ADHD symptoms and a 70% to 80% success rate for clearing anxiety symptoms.  Other studies have shown that neurofeedback therapy outperforms medication therapy 3 to 1.

Our neurofeedback program is from NeuroPro™, a scientifically-based program with a proven ability to correct behavioral and emotional issues on a long-term basis.  This program has been developed with over 17 years of hands-on, clinical experience.

Our article, Neurofeedback: An Effective Therapy for ADD, ADHD and Anxiety provides even more detail about how neurofeedback works.

What is the Neurofeedback Program Process?

When you are sleeping, reading, learning, listening or focusing, your brain must “tune in” to specific “radio stations” in order to perform effectively.  Processing difficulties occur when the brain is not in tune with these frequencies.  All of our neurofeedback program patients go through the A3 Process:  Assess, Address & Adjust.


Each treatment begins with an initial consultation where we: 1) document the specific behavioral and emotional issues troubling the client and 2) understand the daily implications these issues have on the client’s life. After the initial consultation, a Brain Mapping Session collects the data needed to create an individualized neurofeedback program.


A brain map provides the route to improvement. Neurofeedback sessions are designed to adjust brainwave patterns and improve concentration, speaking, reading, learning and listening. Each session lasts about 30 minutes. During these sessions, sensors are placed on the client's head, in precise locations, to balance intended areas of the brain.
neurofeedback therapy for ADD, ADHD and anxiety


Not only do we build an effective, personalized protocol, but we are able to adjust as needed to optimize effectiveness. Progress is tracked throughout your neurofeedback program and necessary adjustments can be made in real-time.

Drug-Free, Effective Solution for Your Child’s Struggles

Neurofeedback is a long-term solution for the struggles your child may have with ADD/ADHD, anxiety, learning and memory, or behavior and emotional issues.  Our neurofeedback program is personalized, not a one-size-fits-all pill.  There are no side-effects, just the positive results of balancing the brain.  For more information, or to schedule an initial consultation, call our office or fill out our Contact Us form.

Neurofeedback Therapy is Easy & Painless

Precise areas are identified by a personalized brain mapping session, and an individual protocol is developed.  Each neurofeedback session begins with the placement of electrodes on the scalp, guided by a cap and marked with a dry-erase marker!  The electrodes do not hurt!  They merely pick up the patient’s brain activity during the session.  The electrodes are stuck on with a paste that comes off easily after the session.  An alcohol wipe quickly dissolves any remaining paste, and the patient is good to go!