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tillie-alenikoff-grady CMA

Tillie is passionate about helping people make informed decisions through education. She believes sharing well-researched information can be powerful, especially when helping parents create a healthy lifestyle and environment for their families.

Tillie loves multi-tasking and thrives at it. She can go from deciphering insurance to irrigating a patient’s ear to helping with an IT challenge in the office. Always remaining calm—even when there may be a bit of chaos at hand—Tillie is a positive, leveling force in every situation.

“Start your day off positive, even if it is just blue skies and birds singing.”

A few things you might be surprised to know about Tillie is that she’s in school part time working towards becoming a nurse practitioner, she was in a music video once and she can replace a radiator. In her spare time, you might find Tillie running a 5K for a good cause, working out, fishing or participating in any activity involving the beach.

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