Melanie Confusione, RN

An accomplished “child whisperer”, Melanie always knew she would work with kids.  She sees the fear behind a child’s behavior, works with it, and gains cooperation from the child as a result.  Her gift allows the children in her care to assist in making the best choices for their own health.

Melanie completed her nursing degree at Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences and has worked as a registered nurse in the pediatric community for almost 20 years.  She was an inpatient pediatric nurse at Florida Hospital for two years and practiced urgent care at After Hours Pediatrics/Nemours Urgent Care for 10 years.  When a 2-month commitment to help a functional medicine physician organize his office turned into a 5-year career twist, Melanie developed a true passion for integrative medicine.

“I couldn’t imagine going back to conventional medicine and dealing only with symptoms of the root cause, never looking at why problems are occurring.”

In her dual role as Office Manager for CIPC, you’ll find Melanie fielding calls on the nurse line, taking patient histories, drawing blood, and overseeing all office operations.  She helps CIPC’s patients implement their customized treatment plans so that they fit patients’ busy lives.

Her goal is to reach families “where they are” and to help improve their quality of life and longevity.  She believes in keeping it simple and stress-free while assisting families to build their immune systems and overall wellness.

“We are committed to education and finding treatment plans for children that work for families.  The goal is to benefit families, not burden their lives with stress.”

Melanie is mother to two teenagers—whew!—and when she is not shuttling kids to various sports, she enjoys crafting and anything outdoors.  She has volunteered on a total of nine mission trips—to Africa, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Peru.