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dr hathaway integrative pediatricianCalm and compassionate, Dr. Hathaway helps patients establish routines that optimize their day-to-day physical, mental and social health—and makes them feel cared for.

“So much gets neglected by conventional medicine.  I believe in proactive care, incorporating new information and new modalities to be as helpful to patents as possible.  I like to do what works for patients.”

Parents comment how patient and thorough he is, always addressing every question and making them feel free to ask whatever they want.  They appreciate his thoughtful and playful bedside manner that comforts both them and their children.

Dr. Hathaway earned his undergraduate degree in psychology from UCSD and his DO from Nova Southeastern University.  He served a pediatric residency at Jackson Memorial in Miami.  On days off, he enjoys playing in the pool with his two children and walking or running with his wife.

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